Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Homepage!

AJ has donned a new homepage design (it's been around for a couple of days, but I haven't been able to post until now)! It's animated, Jamaaliday-based and cool! Take a look below.

New Homepage
Old Homepage

That's about it for now, my Jammer friends! Have a happy Jamaaliday season!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Glitches Keep Coming

The title says all - AJ is overrun by weird glitches! Starting last month, AJHQ has been unable to fix the odd things going on around Jamaa. An example is below, where I was locked out of my own den by two overlapping "Locked Den" messages! Also, I am my own buddy and can see my own Jammer Tag, but this is old news (I covered those glitches in a General Today episode from last month).

Glitching All Over The Place!
It also says I'm in the United States of America server, as indicated by the striped flag icon. I don't know if this is a glitch...

Another glitch - this one's about the homepage. It doesn't load the full image onscreen and the background is very fuzzy!

When Will The Glitches End?

That's all for now!

- General

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

General's Made the Epic Den List!

Today was a very good day for General! AJHQ has selected his super-awesome den to be an Epic Den. Just go to the Epic Dens selector on the World Map, you don't need to scroll down. It's only there for a limited time, so hurry if you'd like to visit!

My den on the list!
It's attracted a lot of visitors and a lot of Jam-A-Grams (much more than usual). This is the first time my den's been full, since I usually have 10-20 or so Jammers inside!

That's all for today, my Jammers!

- General

Monday, December 1, 2014

101 Buddies & Counting

Hi, Jammers! You all know that a Jammer can only have 100 buddies - or can they? I now have 101 buddies, and I know how it happened.

I now have -1 buddy slots remaining!
Let me explain. I sent out two buddy requests to two users (named "arewereal" and "nicktoons") when I had 99 buddies. Since you can send as many buddy requests as you'd like until you have 100 buddies, both requests went out and both of the users accepted, leaving me with -1 buddy slots remaining. If it sounds confusing, don't worry - it took me a while to figure this out. You can try this out for yourself, but both of the users you send requests to have to be online. According to my buddy Squiddaddy (who tested it out), a buddy request is removed from a user's Jam-A-Gram inbox if the other user gains a hundredth buddy.

That's surely confuzzling, isn't it? Now, on to my next topic!

As you know, Jamaalidays have begun, and that means that Jamaa is shaking up for the holidays. The Jamaaliday Jam party is here, reindeer pets (like Quickdeer, my main pet, whom I bought two years ago!) have returned, and daily gifts are given to all Jammers!

Me and Quickdeer sliding down the slide!

- General

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Glitch Heard 'Round the World

There have been a lot of glitches in Jamaa recently - one of the weirdest involves Jam-A-Grams. I was sent one by AJHQ, thinking it was another plaque or maybe a gift to apologise for the glitches, but it turns out that the Jam-A-Gram itself was a monstrously odd glitch!

Take a look at the picture below. It is a blank Jam-A-Gram from AJHQ. The gift leads you to the Pet Finder - and doesn't let you leave! It says that you cannot purchase a pet at this time and sends you back to an inescapable window.

That's just about it for today. Special thanks to my buddies Brothermelvin, Brothermarvin, and Dhessimae for helping me out!

- General


Friday, November 21, 2014

Generally Thankful!

Howdy, Jammers! Today I'd like to say "thank you" to a very nice friend of mine, with the AJ username Dolphin31 (not to be confused with my close buddies Dolphina & Dolphino). Dolphin31 created the AJ blog, The Animal Jam Fan, and ran the site until November 19, 2014.

The blog's logo!
Dolphin31 hasn't quit blogging altogether, but the AJF is shut down. I was very sad to hear this, but it made my day when I found out that the last post, located at this link, included a list of Jammers that Dolphin31 wanted to be recognised for their support - and I was the first one on the list! I was so happy and sad at the same time, it was overwhelming!

This post doesn't have much to do with General or his AJ experiences, but it's worth writing! Thanks so much, Dolphin31!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Generally Glitchful!

General has donned a new look: the all-terrain look! If you don't know what that means, I'll explain: it's a slightly common AJ glitch with penguins (also seals and otters) when their underwater attire is blended with their land clothing when playing a game. Take a look at the screenshot below!

General wearing his glasses and an underwater Fruit Hat (two head items!)

If you were wondering who won the game of Tic Tac Toe, General lost...but that was probably because he was too astounded by the glitch and had to focus on taking a screenshot!

That's all for today, my Jammer friends!

- General

Friday, November 7, 2014


Hello, Jammers! It's General! Today, I visited my buddy Loodydoodydoo and discovered a Generally Awesome den makeover I call the Disappearing Den! Check out the video below to see what I'm talking about.

Me in Loody's den

That's not all for today - there's also the upcoming polar bears! Me (a little blue penguin) and polar bears come from completely different lands, as polar bears live in the Frozen North and I come from New Zealand (which is down south). Other new items include the Sky Kingdom and pet lion cubs!

Now that's all for today. Have a Jamazing and Jamtastic day!

- General

You can check out this all-new Generally Awesome background here!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Gifting Horror

Hi, Jammers! Today I met with a rather...strange...Jammer named Chollman who told me that he would love to trade. I went to his den and...well, look at the pictures below.

Chollman told me at first that he would trade a rare seaweed boa for my rare glove, but later, he told me that a "better" way to handle things was for me to gift him the glove. He then told me that he would send me the boa afterwards, but I knew this was a scam - never agree to any "gift me" Jammers, because if they were actually planning on giving you the item you wanted, they'd trade.

After I saw this selfish act of scamming, I assembled a meeting with my fellow buddies.

We were supposed to talk about the scam issue, but one thing lead to another and we ended up talking about Spend E. Casherson instead...

Signing off,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


If you like to read about General and pals, you're in luck - a collection of the best Generally AJ stories is available below!
  1. Generally AJ Stories - Escape from the AnimalJamSecretApp21
  2. Generally AJ Stories - General & Spend E. Casherson
  3. Generally AJ Stories - Spend E. To The Moon
  4. Lime The Penguin - The Clawed Menace
For stories written by General's buddy Dolphina, visit www.limethepenguin.blogspot.com!

General loves to read a good book!
If you can't think of a good story idea, brainstorm a story behind the Missing General above.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Phantom Infestation!

The Phantom Vortex is here, and that means it's time to head over and play it...can't finish typing, must play Phantom Vortex!

General's Victory Dance

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Generally Awesome Game

A "BETA" version of the popular game Sky High has been available on National Geographic's website since 2010. However, after a web address change to Nat Geo Kids' website, the game will be leaving! Play it all you can before this old version is gone (it doesn't give you gems or prizes, because it is not connected to AJ) at this link. If you're too late and are reading this after the cancellation of the game, take a look at the pictures below to see what it was like.

The message that appears once you click on the game (it says it's leaving soon)
The game finishes with this advertisement rather than a prize
The background of the "Leave Game?" screen features the original AJ animals
While playing, a button in the lower right corner was the AJ logo (when clicked, it went to AnimalJam.com)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Generally Haunted!

It's October, and you know what that means - Halloween! All over Jamaa, Jammers are getting into the spooky spirit. You can visit the Haunted Forest Party right now!

To celebrate the new month, AJ has released an awesome RIM - the Pumpkin Throne. It's pretty cool! I also released something cool to celebrate October - a new General Today episode, available here.

General getting ready for Halloween - all decorations besides the Pumpkin Throne are from 2012
A cool scene with General Braveeagle
Also, there are two new (and not too good) things happening around Jamaa. First, some Jammers look faded when they enter a location. See the pictures below? It's General - ghost form.

Both of the above pictures show the glitch occurring as of now 
Also, chat messages take time to be posted now (a chat message is a speech bubble in Animal Jam) as three dots (called an ellipsis) quickly appear before your message does. Me and several other Jammers suspect that this is because of new "chat moderators" who take a look at the messages before they're posted.

To test this theory, I said "Hey, chat moderators, I'm not doing anything wrong when I say this." The speech bubble showed the ellipsis again, but my message never appeared. Weird, huh?

Also, I said "Derp E" and this message appeared. Is "derp" now an offensive term? I don't know, but this is getting strange...
Is "Derp" really all that bad?
That's all for now, folks! See you next post!

- General

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Generally Special

As most of you know, my Animal Jam video series General Today has been in production since May. I have released sixteen episodes so far, and the latest is a three-part special! Check out the newest video, Guide to Parties, right now!

To watch one of the older episodes, click on its episode title below.
    1. Guide to Late Night News
    2. Guide to Leaving Items
    3. Guide to Ocean Animals
    4. Guide to Generally Awesome Tips
    5. Guide to Dens
    6. Guide to General's Achievement
    7. Guide to the Summer Carnival
    8. Guide to Eagle Powers
    9. Guide to Hot Cocoa!
    10. Guide to Nonmembers

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Generally Autumn

Autumn's almost here! Animal Jam is prepared for the new season, which will officially start on September 23! Jamaa Township's trees are all kinds of autumn-y colours.

General in the heart of Jamaa Township, where the leaves have changed into shades of orange and yellow!
In other news, monkey pets are back and are available for three gems in the Diamond Shop. For those Jammers who don't have one, it's probably great news! I personally think returning old items is not a good idea, as it makes the people who already have these hard-to-come-by objects feel bad, but I shouldn't be a stick-in-the-mud.

Also, the newest episode of General Today (General's very own show) is available here. The next new episode will air on Tuesday of next week!

Fourth, I am presenting a challenge for all Jammers - find out if my buddy's buddy, Malakeia, is a hacker or not. Below is a picture of his suspicious-looking den, which is filled with two of every sought-after item in Jamaa (gecko plushies, every epic plushie, Cami's Frog, etc.)!

Pictures courtesy of my buddy, SquidDaddy
Although it doesn't show anything about how Malakeia got all of his stuff, a video report on him from March was made by "Fluffy Hammy AJ," available here.

That's all for today, folks! See you next time on Generally AJ!

- General

Friday, September 12, 2014

Generally Weird

Not much to report today, but there was certainly something strange about my AJ experience today. What is it, you ask? Look at the picture below!

Generally Weird Glitch
That's right - a glitch where all AJ showed was the blank loading picture without any words. It continued to do this for fifteen minutes until I refreshed the page! Hopefully, this won't happen again.

In other news, General Today's next premiere will be on Monday, September 15.

I have nothing else to tell, so that's a wrap!

- General

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pizza's Den

There's no new events going on in Jamaa right now, so I decided that I should show you a buddy of mine and his den. His username is ShanPizza2 (related to LeahPizza2) and he has a cool den. This den is so cool, I've started calling it the Generally Awesome Den.

Check it out below!

ShanPizza2's Epically Plant-Filled Den

In other news, General Today's newest episode (Guide to Eagle Powers) is available for viewing here. The next episode, Guide to Hot Cocoa!, will premiere next week.

*Pay no attention to this blog and what it has to say about ShanPizza2. It is not true.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy September!

It's September 1st, and that means that the Summer Carnival will be leaving soon. However, that means it's closer to the Haunted Forest Party of October!

In other news, my once-retired buddy SummerKarnival has returned to AJ for good. After months of seeing his defunct tag, I was considering unbuddying him to unclog my buddy list. Thankfully, this nonmember is back! Make sure to wish him good luck.

The return of SummerKarnival!

For those of you who were wondering, General Today will premiere its next new episode later this week!

Friday, August 22, 2014

"General Today" Is In Full Swing!

My first video production, Generally AJ, started production in May 2014 and is now available for all to see. Check it out here, along with other generally awesome productions. More episodes will be available soon!

A scene from the soon-to-be-released episode, Guide to the Inside Job

You can check out the upcoming episode list here.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August with AJ

It's the fifth of August, and no new additions have been made to Animal Jam - except for yesterday's rare item, the Rare Monkey Hat. But that's not the point of this post - I found a way to get a special Animal Jam browser to replace Internet Explorer. All you have to do is make it a favourite, pin it to the Start Menu on your computer, and then open the shortcut. The computer then treats the link as its own program, changing your browser to be Animal Jam-themed! Take a look at the picture below.

The browser in action!
If you want a more in-depth list of instructions, e-mail me at bignosebeaker@gmail.com!

Random question: have you heard of the new Crystal Palace den? It's awesome - but comes with a heavy price tag of 7 diamonds, which is three diamonds away from a diamond animal. However, it's worth it!

That's all for now!

Signing off,

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Updates, Anyone?

Not much is going on in Jamaa today - but the Beta Party is in full swing. I love the Beta items, because they say "Beta" before the item name - which means that if you have the original, you can tell the difference (something AJ did not do with the return of imprisoned phantoms...)!

It's me (as General Braveeagle) at the Beta Party!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Pets, New Loading Screens, New Party, and a New Animal?

This week's home to many new things in Jamaa - let me show you!

First, rhino pets have arrived to celebrate the return of rhinos! Along with the slightly new pet giraffe, they are some of the cutest AJ pets so far!

There's also new loading screens for AJ - and they're better than the older ones!

There's also a new party - the BETA Party. It brings back items that were only available during Animal Jam's BETA testing period - which is most likely good for everyone, because I'm not sure that anyone has every BETA item sold there.

Lastly, a new animal is coming to Jamaa - but what could it be? I hope it's a whale, I've always wanted one on AJ!
That's all!

Signing off,

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jamaaliday Jam - In July?

Yep, it's true - the Jamaaliday Jam has returned...but sooner than expected! This Jamaaliday party has all Jammers excited, so make sure you visit!

In other news, AJHQ has released the second ocean adventure: In Too Deep. It focuses on the phantoms polluting the ocean!

Me in the dark, deep ocean
Also, rhinos have returned! This is great news to Jammers who haven't been on AJ long enough to buy one, but to those of us who have, it's sort of a letdown (it's cool to have a cancelled animal!). In addition to that, the rhinos' return makes me wonder when the pandas will come back.

Rhinos have stampeded across the front page of the Jamaa Journal!

That's about it for today!

Signing off,

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Almost Time...

It's almost time for the lions of Jamaa to leave. I know it's sad for Jammers who don't have one, but it's for a good cause: more people need to know that the lion population in Africa is decreasing fast. Make sure to buy lions before they're gone, if you don't already have one!

Lions are on the last page of the Diamond Shop animals!

Signing off,

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Break

The summer solstice was two days ago, on the 21st, and that means that it's officially summer! AJ's suiting up for the season with today's Rare Item Monday, a Freedom Sword to celebrate Freedom Day in Jamaa. Freedom Day is based on the United States of America's freedom day, which is known as Independence Day (taking place on July 4). Make sure to get the Freedom Swords before they go!

The Freedom Sword is on the third page of Jam Mart Clothing
With the newly-arrived summer season will come the Freedom Party. It's not here yet, but the two other summer parties (Heatwave Party and Cruise Ship Party) are still up and running.

Me, as General Braveeagle, at the Heatwave Party

Friday, June 13, 2014

New Adventure!

Hi! General here. Today, I will explain many updates that have occurred in Jamaa...

There is an awesome new adventure available now: Bubble Trouble! It's the first ocean adventure! I was so excited when I saw this!

Me, starting the new Adventure
Also, it's sad but true...lions are leaving the Diamond Shop in two weeks! If you don't already have one, get one before they're gone!

The notice in the Jamaa Journal about lions leaving

Daily Spin has changed, too. Now, you can get rare prizes and there's more chance of spinning diamonds. Spirit armor, once available as a member's monthly gift, is now available in the Diamond Shop...this may sound good to new members, but not to me (now my spirit armor is less valuable...).

The last update of the day is how there is now 50 colours to choose from when you colour your animal. This is good news!

Signing off,

Monday, June 9, 2014

A Notable Rare Item!

I don't normally do posts on RIMs (Rare Item Mondays), but today's was a surprise: it's a rare worn blanket! If you already have a purple worn blanket from the Leap Year Party in 2012, don't be sad: it's not the same! I was happy that it's a different colour (ocean blue), because other times AJ has rereleased items (such as the imprisoned phantoms rerelease, which I was not happy about) and that makes Jammers who have the older item unhappy. See the pictures below for an idea of what it looks like!

The Rare Worn Blanket as seen in Jam Mart Clothing
Me wearing the Rare Worn Blanket

The ocean blue worn blanket is on the first page of Jam Mart Clothing items, which is a rare occurrence. It is sold for only 200 gems, and it is not a members-only item. Regular worn blankets were originally sold during the "BETA days" of 2010, when AJ was first starting. Since then, AJHQ has released two versions of rare worn blankets because many Jammers were discovering that the original worn blankets aren't easy to find.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hello, fellow Jammers! Every so often, Animal Jam "glitches" when you are playing it. If you are wondering what a "glitch" is, it is a technical problem common in electronics. Today, at the Summer Carnival, a glitch happened to me when I was trying to buy a giant octopus plushie. Take a look at it below!

I don't know how all of these items were called rare, and I especially don't know how it used the gem symbol in the Summer Carnival Shop (only tickets are used there). I also wonder how much gems #6228 is...

Below is another glitch where, even though I am COCO2405's buddy, I can't go into their den (and I'm not in their den, either). I don't know how it happened.

That's about it for today!

Signing off,
General Bravebelly