Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Glitch Heard 'Round the World

There have been a lot of glitches in Jamaa recently - one of the weirdest involves Jam-A-Grams. I was sent one by AJHQ, thinking it was another plaque or maybe a gift to apologise for the glitches, but it turns out that the Jam-A-Gram itself was a monstrously odd glitch!

Take a look at the picture below. It is a blank Jam-A-Gram from AJHQ. The gift leads you to the Pet Finder - and doesn't let you leave! It says that you cannot purchase a pet at this time and sends you back to an inescapable window.

That's just about it for today. Special thanks to my buddies Brothermelvin, Brothermarvin, and Dhessimae for helping me out!

- General