Upcoming Episodes of General Today!

The upcoming episodes of General's new show, General Today, have been completed! They will be released in September, October, and November this year. Here's the list:
  1. Guide to Eagle Powers
  2. Guide to Hot Cocoa!
  3. Guide to Nonmembers
  4. Guide to Parties (3-part episode)
  5. Guide to The Inside Job!
  6. Guide to The Past
  7. Guide to The Real General
  8. Guide to Theaters!
  9. Guide to Trading
  10. Guide to Viewers' Opinions
  11. Guide Too Short
  12. Guide to...Dolphino & Dolphina?
A scene from the upcoming triple-length special Guide to Parties

After these episodes premiere, more may be produced...but there's still a chance they won't, so keep your fingers crossed.

Signing off for today,