Saturday, March 21, 2015

General Guest Appearance!

My buddy DaniCantu (known as Kitty Girl AJ on Google+ and YouTube) started an Animal Jam video series last year, titled "Animal Jam Rebel." The second season of the show has started production and General will make a few guest appearances! Look for him in the latest episode!

General is at the bottom of the screen
General appears in The Fight For Jamaa Part 2 as himself. In many season two episodes, he will appear as...

LORD RADICAND, a villainous robotic owl!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Generally Guessing

Today was an update-ful day for AJ - a new game available through the party selector, "Best Guess," has been introduced! In the game, Jammers must choose whether animal trivia statements are true or false. General absolutely loved the game, but not many other Jammers went to play it.

General was the only one to get this question right
Also, AJHQ has re-released lions. That's bad news for the people who already purchased a lion (like me) but good news for others.

That's all for now!

- General

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Slice-of-Pi General

Today guessed it...Pi Day! AJHQ is celebrating the special, mathematical occasion with all kinds of pi-related den items. General - being a math lover and all - had to get some, and now (with the help of Guintopia!) has a pi-themed den. Check it out below!

General's Pi Den
That's about it for now, my Pi Jammers. Be sure to check out "Lucky Clovers" - the amazing new seasonal adventure!

Your Pi-Loving Friend,

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

General Go Lucky!

Top o' the morning, Jammers! Today is my first post in over a month - mostly because of the strange disappearance of my close AJ buddy Captain (Squiddaddy / Guintopia!) that occurred about three weeks ago. Not to worry, General is still happy-fied with the awesome Lucky Party that has returned to Jamaa!

General at the Lucky Party!
General always wears his Rare Lucky Tuxedo, so he fit in perfectly. However, the items for sale at the party were all recycled from previous years - will new ones be coming soon?

That's about it for now! If you don't see me on AJ at my regular times, it's probably because I'm on Tiny Planets - an Animal Jam-ish game that I really like! You can play it at (Don't worry, I'm not replacing AJ with other games - it's the only other game I play).

Have a lucky day!

- General