Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Gifting Horror

Hi, Jammers! Today I met with a rather...strange...Jammer named Chollman who told me that he would love to trade. I went to his den and...well, look at the pictures below.

Chollman told me at first that he would trade a rare seaweed boa for my rare glove, but later, he told me that a "better" way to handle things was for me to gift him the glove. He then told me that he would send me the boa afterwards, but I knew this was a scam - never agree to any "gift me" Jammers, because if they were actually planning on giving you the item you wanted, they'd trade.

After I saw this selfish act of scamming, I assembled a meeting with my fellow buddies.

We were supposed to talk about the scam issue, but one thing lead to another and we ended up talking about Spend E. Casherson instead...

Signing off,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


If you like to read about General and pals, you're in luck - a collection of the best Generally AJ stories is available below!
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  2. Generally AJ Stories - General & Spend E. Casherson
  3. Generally AJ Stories - Spend E. To The Moon
  4. Lime The Penguin - The Clawed Menace
For stories written by General's buddy Dolphina, visit!

General loves to read a good book!
If you can't think of a good story idea, brainstorm a story behind the Missing General above.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Phantom Infestation!

The Phantom Vortex is here, and that means it's time to head over and play it...can't finish typing, must play Phantom Vortex!

General's Victory Dance

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Generally Awesome Game

A "BETA" version of the popular game Sky High has been available on National Geographic's website since 2010. However, after a web address change to Nat Geo Kids' website, the game will be leaving! Play it all you can before this old version is gone (it doesn't give you gems or prizes, because it is not connected to AJ) at this link. If you're too late and are reading this after the cancellation of the game, take a look at the pictures below to see what it was like.

The message that appears once you click on the game (it says it's leaving soon)
The game finishes with this advertisement rather than a prize
The background of the "Leave Game?" screen features the original AJ animals
While playing, a button in the lower right corner was the AJ logo (when clicked, it went to

Monday, October 6, 2014

Generally Haunted!

It's October, and you know what that means - Halloween! All over Jamaa, Jammers are getting into the spooky spirit. You can visit the Haunted Forest Party right now!

To celebrate the new month, AJ has released an awesome RIM - the Pumpkin Throne. It's pretty cool! I also released something cool to celebrate October - a new General Today episode, available here.

General getting ready for Halloween - all decorations besides the Pumpkin Throne are from 2012
A cool scene with General Braveeagle
Also, there are two new (and not too good) things happening around Jamaa. First, some Jammers look faded when they enter a location. See the pictures below? It's General - ghost form.

Both of the above pictures show the glitch occurring as of now 
Also, chat messages take time to be posted now (a chat message is a speech bubble in Animal Jam) as three dots (called an ellipsis) quickly appear before your message does. Me and several other Jammers suspect that this is because of new "chat moderators" who take a look at the messages before they're posted.

To test this theory, I said "Hey, chat moderators, I'm not doing anything wrong when I say this." The speech bubble showed the ellipsis again, but my message never appeared. Weird, huh?

Also, I said "Derp E" and this message appeared. Is "derp" now an offensive term? I don't know, but this is getting strange...
Is "Derp" really all that bad?
That's all for now, folks! See you next post!

- General