Wednesday, January 28, 2015

General, The Play Wild BETA Tester

As most of you Jammers already know, AJHQ is going to release a mobile version of AJ soon. They've been selecting various Jammers from Animal Jam to become BETA testers, and guess who was chosen? That's right - General!

Momsandy is now a registered username on the app (thankfully, I chose it before anyone else could). The account is not connected with your basic AJ account (which I don't like), so all of your animals and items are...gone! They haven't released penguins yet - sad news for Gen - so I chose a rabbit and named it General Braverabbit, after my regular rabbit's name.

There's much to talk about with the new app! First of all, the only way to get in is to be recommended by a player or submit a form and hope to be chosen. I was recommended by one of my buddies, and was surprised! I immediately got out my Android Nextbook and cut to the chase. Take a look at the pictures below of my BETA account, with captions!

Loading! So excited!

General Braverabbit in my new BETA den! The flooring? Moon Dirt!

3D Falling Phantoms (General Braverabbit is on the left)

Logged in as Momsandy! Also, the BETA version (as of now) is Version 0.8 (not even Version 1 yet!)

Jam Mart Clothing...sort of.

The Jamaa Journal! looks like FMAN has already struck the app!

Well, it looks like that's all for now! I will be back with more happenings, but next time it's probably going to be back to regular AJ. Buh-bye, my Jammers!

- General

Monday, January 5, 2015

General's New Year!

It's 2015, my Jim-Jammers! That means the New Year's Party 2015 is here! You can check it out now - this time, the party's featuring items from all different holidays. Also, they've re-released the Jammer Anthem at the party.

There's not much more happenin' in Jamaa...but AJHQ has promised some stellar updates for 2015! Who's excited?

Well, gotta go!

See you later,
General B.