Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Pets, New Loading Screens, New Party, and a New Animal?

This week's home to many new things in Jamaa - let me show you!

First, rhino pets have arrived to celebrate the return of rhinos! Along with the slightly new pet giraffe, they are some of the cutest AJ pets so far!

There's also new loading screens for AJ - and they're better than the older ones!

There's also a new party - the BETA Party. It brings back items that were only available during Animal Jam's BETA testing period - which is most likely good for everyone, because I'm not sure that anyone has every BETA item sold there.

Lastly, a new animal is coming to Jamaa - but what could it be? I hope it's a whale, I've always wanted one on AJ!
That's all!

Signing off,