Sunday, April 27, 2014

Epic Dens

Hello there, Jammers! Today, I will explain to you what Epic Dens are, leading up to a special report about my buddy SquidDaddy. Epic Dens can be found on the AJ World Map in the lower left hand corner. Now that Adventures are here, they are located under the Adventures icon (Epic Dens' icon is the grey castle). When you click on the castle, a list of AJ usernames appear. These lucky players have had their den featured as an epic den, which is a den that AJHQ chooses to celebrate its creative design.

My close buddy, SquidDaddy, has recently had his den featured on Epic Dens! It will leave soon, so make sure to visit his den as soon as possible!

This is me going through SquidDaddy's den!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Lime The Penguin?

The awesomely incredible AJ-based story series, Lime The Penguin, may be returning! Confirmed by Dolphina and Dolphino (my buddies), a new addition to the stories may start production soon. Stay tuned at the Lime The Penguin website for the new story. Updates will come soon!

Happy General!
Lime The Penguin © 2012 Dolphina.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Has FMAN Returned?

The supposed hacker called FMAN has been blocked by AJ for quite some time, but quite a few Jammers claim to be him (still!) and you can never be sure if they're for real. I have recently investigated two 'FMAN clones' along with a 'squad' of other brave Jammers, and if they were fake, they surely put on some believable shows! Here are some screenshots taken by one of the Jammers that helped me on the investigation:

SquidDaddy buddies an 'FMAN clone'

An FMAN clone named '2fperson21'

The second FMAN clone, named 'Recycledbeards'

Jammers meeting in an FMAN clone's den

Jammers meeting in another FMAN clone's den