Monday, December 1, 2014

101 Buddies & Counting

Hi, Jammers! You all know that a Jammer can only have 100 buddies - or can they? I now have 101 buddies, and I know how it happened.

I now have -1 buddy slots remaining!
Let me explain. I sent out two buddy requests to two users (named "arewereal" and "nicktoons") when I had 99 buddies. Since you can send as many buddy requests as you'd like until you have 100 buddies, both requests went out and both of the users accepted, leaving me with -1 buddy slots remaining. If it sounds confusing, don't worry - it took me a while to figure this out. You can try this out for yourself, but both of the users you send requests to have to be online. According to my buddy Squiddaddy (who tested it out), a buddy request is removed from a user's Jam-A-Gram inbox if the other user gains a hundredth buddy.

That's surely confuzzling, isn't it? Now, on to my next topic!

As you know, Jamaalidays have begun, and that means that Jamaa is shaking up for the holidays. The Jamaaliday Jam party is here, reindeer pets (like Quickdeer, my main pet, whom I bought two years ago!) have returned, and daily gifts are given to all Jammers!

Me and Quickdeer sliding down the slide!

- General