Friday, June 13, 2014

New Adventure!

Hi! General here. Today, I will explain many updates that have occurred in Jamaa...

There is an awesome new adventure available now: Bubble Trouble! It's the first ocean adventure! I was so excited when I saw this!

Me, starting the new Adventure
Also, it's sad but true...lions are leaving the Diamond Shop in two weeks! If you don't already have one, get one before they're gone!

The notice in the Jamaa Journal about lions leaving

Daily Spin has changed, too. Now, you can get rare prizes and there's more chance of spinning diamonds. Spirit armor, once available as a member's monthly gift, is now available in the Diamond Shop...this may sound good to new members, but not to me (now my spirit armor is less valuable...).

The last update of the day is how there is now 50 colours to choose from when you colour your animal. This is good news!

Signing off,