Monday, June 15, 2015

General & Enchanted Earth!

I have wonderful news, Jammers! That news is Enchanted Earth! According to the few sources I have found with articles about it, Enchanted Earth will be a series of merchandise (including plushies and figures) based on a group of brand-new characters, in turn based on AJ animals. These characters have their own names and designs. Here are two popular pictures of Enchanted Earth!

The characters of Enchanted Earth!
An article all about Enchanted Earth!
My friend Captain noticed that most articles say it's AJ's first toy deal; this is not true! They made Sidekix Plushies of AJ animals a while ago, but they've become very rare. Captain has the Sidekix and wants to compare the new penguin to the original Sidekix toy!

That's all for now!

See you later,
General B.