Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hello, fellow Jammers! Every so often, Animal Jam "glitches" when you are playing it. If you are wondering what a "glitch" is, it is a technical problem common in electronics. Today, at the Summer Carnival, a glitch happened to me when I was trying to buy a giant octopus plushie. Take a look at it below!

I don't know how all of these items were called rare, and I especially don't know how it used the gem symbol in the Summer Carnival Shop (only tickets are used there). I also wonder how much gems #6228 is...

Below is another glitch where, even though I am COCO2405's buddy, I can't go into their den (and I'm not in their den, either). I don't know how it happened.

That's about it for today!

Signing off,
General Bravebelly