Monday, June 2, 2014

Finally, Another Ocean Rare Item!

Today is another Rare Item Monday! Today, the item made me quite happy - it's a rare propeller! I consider this bluish underwater clothing item is the second-best rare water item AJ has ever made, after the Bubble-Tron 5000. Called the "Turquoise Rare Propeller" on the Daily Explorer, this item is available in Bahari Bargains for only 950 gems. It is the only item in the shoppe that is not on sale as of now.

The Rare Propeller, available for 950 gems!
Me with the propeller!
In other news, I met a duo of dolphins at Bahari Bargains who were very nice and respected the Animal Jam Rules. They are both examples of my favourite type of Jammer: the nice ones! Remember, Jammers, make sure that you listen to the AJ rules!