Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Summer Carnival's Back!

It's that time of year again! Yep, the Summer Carnival in Animal Jam has returned! Run on over to the carnival today! However, it is not located in the My Parties dropdown menu, unlike last year, due to the Adventures link taking its place. Instead, you have to click on the various Summer Carnival banners around Jamaa to go there.

Me at the Carnival

According to my very experienced buddy, SquidDaddy (the plushie collector), there are exactly 256 Summer Carnival plushies, including different colours, to be gotten at the carnival! The number of plushies has stayed the same for a while; I wonder if AJHQ is planning on adding plushies based on some of the newer pets (I would like a hummingbird plushie).

The red-coloured giant pet spider plushie (I know, long name!)

In other news, hyenas have come to Jamaa! After all of this waiting, I am glad that they have come out. They are available for ten diamonds now, but according to a lot of my buddies, they were available for 1000 gems in the animal selector for a very short time today before being moved to the Diamond Shop.

Me and SquidDaddy (who just got a hyena)