Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summer Parties

It's almost summer in Jamaa, and that means many things (one of them being the Heatwave Party)! The Heatwave Party, a limited-time AJ party that comes slightly before the Freedom Party and Cruise Ship Party, features an area just like the Waterpark Den with accessories. You can buy some exclusive items there, such as the three blankets (which come in eight different colours each) and the pool (which also comes in eight colours).

Me with a "Summer Carnival Coming Soon!" sign

Coming soon are the Freedom Party and Cruise Ship Party. The Cruise Ship Party comes first (the same day as the Summer Carnival opens), and the Freedom Party comes around the 4th of July. At the Freedom Party, you can buy freedom plushies!

That's all for now, General Jammers! Jam on!