Tuesday, March 3, 2015

General Go Lucky!

Top o' the morning, Jammers! Today is my first post in over a month - mostly because of the strange disappearance of my close AJ buddy Captain (Squiddaddy / Guintopia!) that occurred about three weeks ago. Not to worry, General is still happy-fied with the awesome Lucky Party that has returned to Jamaa!

General at the Lucky Party!
General always wears his Rare Lucky Tuxedo, so he fit in perfectly. However, the items for sale at the party were all recycled from previous years - will new ones be coming soon?

That's about it for now! If you don't see me on AJ at my regular times, it's probably because I'm on Tiny Planets - an Animal Jam-ish game that I really like! You can play it at www.tinyplanets.com. (Don't worry, I'm not replacing AJ with other games - it's the only other game I play).

Have a lucky day!

- General