Saturday, February 22, 2014

The AJ Rules

When you first sign up for Animal's been a while (two years, actually) for me...they ask you to read the AJ rules. However, many Jammers do not actually read these rules! So, on this page, I will explain the most important of all Animal Jam rules.

Never scam other Jammers! - This is the most famous of all rules, mostly because it happens so often. Scamming (if you do not already know) is tricking other Jammers so that you can take their valuable AJ items. So if your behaviour on AJ sounds like scamming to other Jammers, you probably aren't being the fairest AJ player.

Never share personal information or ask for it! This rule is the highlight of AJ's online safety quiz. All it means is that you should never tell another Jammer anything about the real you, and you should especially never ask a Jammer about their own personal info.

Do not hack or cheat! "Cheating" Jammers are AJ player who hack the game in order to get items, such as the infamous FMAN.

Be kind to other Jammers! This is the most basic of all AJ rules. It means exactly what it sounds like.

What happens to AJ rule violators?

There are different consequences for every rule you break. You can read them below!

If you are proven to have scammed one or more other Jammers, your account will either be suspended or closed permanently (depending on how bad the scamming was). For example, if you told another Jammer that an unfair trade (such as a regular penguin plushie for a fox hat) was fair and they believed you, your account would be suspended for a short period of time. If you scammed someone by asking for them to send a rare item to you, your account would be closed forever.

If you share any personal information, a text box will appear (see the first picture below) telling you not to share any details that could tell another Jammer about yourself. The message that contained information about you would not be seen by any other Jammers. Your account will not be suspended or closed, because no one was affected by this. If you ask for any personal info, the same text box will appear and nothing will happen to your AJ account because (as in the first scenario) the message you tried to say would not be sent, meaning no one was affected.

If you are proven to have hacked or tried to use hacking software on the AJ site, your account will be closed permanently (no exceptions). This is because the game itself is affected by the hacker's actions.

If you are rude to another Jammer, a text box similar to the one on personal information (see the second picture below) will appear, telling you that the conversation you were having was an example of inappropriate behaviour (spelled "behavior," like it is in America). Your account will not be affected because the message you tried to send to another Jammer would not have been sent.

Remember, Jammers, be nice and follow these rules!