Lime The Penguin | The Clawed Menace

To show my appreciation to Dolphina, one of my best buddies, I've written a story featuring Lime The Penguin (a character she made up in 2012). If you don't know who Lime is already, read his adventures at or read a general description of him on this post.

Lime The Penguin: The Clawed Menace

One morning, Lime was walking along when he saw an unfamiliar machine. It was The Claw! He put five gems into the slot and began playing. However, when he pressed the "Drop" button, the grabber came out of the machine and picked up Lime! 

Lime screamed, "Aaahh!!!" as he was dropped into The Claw. He remembered the place from before he was won by Dolphina. 

Once Lime was put in the machine, he couldn't speak because of all the cushioning! His best friend, Leaf The Horse, had just inserted five gems into The Claw and said "Hmm, that plushie looks a lot like my BFF! I'll try to win it for him."

Leaf tried several times, but failed to pick up Lime with the grabber. "Oh, well..." Leaf sighed as he walked away from The Claw. The next player was a Jammer named Spend E. Casherson. He was a natural at The Claw and won Lime on the first try.

"Oh, little green penguin plushie, I'll store you away forever and ever. Then, I'll auction you off at a Plushie Store once penguins have been removed from The Claw!" exclaimed the evil Spend E. Lime was too scared to tell Spend E. that he was alive.

Two days later, Leaf The Horse was at Lime's door waiting for him to open it. "Lime, you said we'd go golfing today." Lime didn't answer (because he was at Spend E's house). Leaf tried calling Lime on his cellphone. 

"Hello?" answered Lime from inside Spend E's closet. 

"Lime, why aren't you opening your door?" asked Leaf.

"I'm at Spend E. Casherson's's a long story," explained Lime, "come rescue me!"

Leaf was knocking at Spend E's door seconds after the phone call ended. Spend E. opened the door and asked, "Who is it?"

Leaf The Horse lied to Spend E, saying that he was a "closet inspector." Spend E. happily let him inside to inspect the closet where Lime was staying. Leaf opened up the closet and saw a plushie collection almost as big as Kaptyn's* filled with every type of plushie there was!

Leaf sorted through the plushies and said, "Aha! You have violated keeping this unwashed green Lime plushie in your closet!" lied Leaf. "I'll be taking this to my office."

Leaf and Lime were reunited at last. "Thanks, pal!" cheered Lime. "No problem - anytime you're in trouble, I'll be there."

The End

*Kaptyn is the nickname of my buddy SquidDaddy, whose main animal is Captain Kookybird.