Generally AJ | General & Spend E. Casherson

Generally AJ: "General & Spend E. Casherson"
Written by Marfell Sands
Based on the character "General" created by Marfell Sands
Introducing "Spend E." created by Marfell Sands

One day in Jamaa, General was on the lookout for scammers when someone caught his eye. A rainbow-striped penguin!

"What's your name, colourful 'guin?" asked General with a grin.

"The name's Spend Edwards Casherson, but you can call me Spend E!" replied the penguin.

General explained to Spend E. that he was a longtime blogger with a dream. Even though he couldn't explain his dream - it was more of a vision - Spend E. knew what General was talking about. The future of AJ being better than before!

"You know, new friend, let's help out around here!" exclaimed Spend E.

General agreed and went to go assist Jammers in need. However, he never thought about Spend E.'s odd name, leaving him clueless to the fact that Spend E. was Jamaa's number one waster of gems!

Spend E. bought thousands of unnecessary supplies he said would "help" Jamaa. General didn't question the barrels of Monk-E-Glue, even though he was curious.

"Let's paint the township!" shouted Spend E. as he splashed the Monk-E-Glue around Sol Arcade.

General gasped and thought to himself, Maybe this is that super-spender I heard about in the Daily Explorer...

And he was right. Spend E. Casherson was in the newspaper last week for breaking his previous record for most gems spent in a day. Spend E. was on the verge of beating the newer record with his "helpful" gluing of Jamaa Township.

"You know, Spend E., this isn't how we help," explained General, "we should really stick to helping out other Jammers, not redesigning Jamaa."

Spend E. realised that General was right. "Oh, I see what you mean, New-Pal. If you haven't heard already, I go overboard on spending gems..."

General said it was alright and explained to Spend E. that wasting gems for no reason isn't wrong, but it could backfire on you when you really want a new expensive item.

The End