Escape from the AnimalJamSecretApp21

Below is a story featuring General and Dolphino! It's not real, except for the Malakeia hacker character*.

Escape from the AnimalJamSecretApp21
Written by General K. Bravebelly

One day, General was walking along when an odd-looking Jammer appeared. What animal was it? General couldn't tell - he'd never seen this animal before. It looked like a glob of gelatin. He clicked on the Jammer's name ("Jazzy Jazzyjammer") and saw that the username was "AnimalJamSecretApp21."

General gasped. Could it be? The rumoured Animal Jam test player was real! General ran back to his den and called his buddy Dolphino. Together, they discussed ways to tell the public about AnimalJamSecretApp21.

The duo put up posters reading, "Escape from the Animal Jam Secret App 21" and warned people in Jamaa Township. No one listed, as they were too busy being arctic wolves dancing around foolishly. General and Dolphino didn't know what to do next.

"I think I know what to do," began Dolphino, "but you might not like it."

"What?" General replied.

"We'll have to go to Malakeia's den," Dolphino told General. "If you don't know who he is, I'll tell you. He keeps a low profile, but many Jammers have accused him of hacking. This is because his den is oddly filled with two of every sought-after den item in Jamaa - like the gecko plushies, gecko banner, every single one of the Epic Plushies..."

General was astounded. No Jammer could ever obtain such a large amount of awesome stuff...or could they? The two entered Malakeia's den to question him.

Malakeia, who was a red-coloured rabbit with large spectacles, was sitting at his "beta" art easel. "I've been expecting you," said Malakeia to the two, "why are you here?"

Dolphino spoke first. "We want to know if you have heard of the Animal Jam test player - AnimalJamSecretApp21, actually."

Malakeia's face lit up with excitement. "I have seen the test Jammer - but I thought I was hallucinating when I saw it. Now that I know it's real, I'll have to get into his account - I mean, ask him a few questions."

Malakeia, General, and Dolphino searched Jamaa for the test Jammer. They couldn't seem to find him anywhere. When they thought all hope was lost, they spotted the glob-like Jammer.

"Aha!" shouted the trio.

The test Jammer ran, followed by the three.

"Stop!" General screamed. They had caught up to AnimalJamSecretApp21.

"Okay, okay - I'm not really a test Jammer..." began the AJSA21.

"Then what are you?" asked Malakeia.

"I'm...I'm...I'm just a hacker who found a way to make a weird-looking animal. I thought I told you this, fellow hacker Malakeia."

"Oh - I forgot about you. Weren't you at the last AJ Hacker meeting?"

Dolphino and General sighed. They had not found the "test player" - instead, they found one of Malakeia's hacker friends.

"Oh, well...I guess it was a fun adventure," Dolphino told General, "we shouldn't be so sad."

"I just thought that a test Jammer would be more fun to find - that's all...wait. We did find something," replied General, "a good time."

The buddies laughed until they realized it wasn't that funny.
The End

*The Malakeia hacker actually exists. It is unknown if he is a real hacker, but it is known that he has two of every popular item in Jamaa. See a screenshot of his den on this post.